Freeze guard working?

Make sure your pool is ready for that first swimming day next spring by insuring that it is well cared for this winter. Winterize your pool. While in Texas it isn’t necessary to have a full winterization you absolutely want to be sure your freeze guard is working properly. Doing so will allow you to rest easy when those nights come with temperatures dipping into the teens. You will know that everything is working properly and your pool won’t freeze over. Just as your water pipes need protection against freezing temperatures so does your pool. When freezing temperatures are in the forecast…

Continued from tips page your filtration pump will need to run continuously to ensure circulation continues. This circulation will help keep the water from freezing over. If your freeze guard system is working properly the pump should turn on automatically. Freezing water can cause extensive damage to your pool and its operating system including: pump damage, plumbing damage, tile damage, and more.

If you have a service contract with the company that built your swimming pool, contact them for a winterization check-up otherwise, AquaSense can provide this service. Once the pool has been winterized you can sit back and enjoy the frigged nights, and savor a steaming cup of hot chocolate while looking forward to the beginning of the next swimming season, without any worries. Contact AquaSense Pools if you would like one of our service technicians to winterize your pool or for any of your swimming pool needs.

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We have received FANTASTIC service from Travis. We have used many other companies in the past for weekly cleaning that have not done a good job or been reliable. Travis is very reliable, honest and professional. He does a great job taking care of our pool. I would highly recommend this company!!! Travis goes above and beyond!!! Best pool service we have ever had!!!!

Melissa Vacek

Provided weekly pool services. Very helpful for the first time pool owner. Helped us understand the maintenance needs of the pool and how to operate. Easy to communicate with. And responds quickly. Additionally, they helped with some pool equipment upgrades and were very mindful of cost.

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Best pool service we have ever had. Our chemicals are always in balance, no more problems with summer algae bloom and the quick and caring response to our questions are very appreciated. Travis has provided first-rate service consistently.

Sharon W.

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