Filter Cleaning

Dirty or ineffective filters are one of the leading causes of major pool equipment failure. Your filters should be properly cleaned on a regular schedule. After one our technicians has cleaned or replaced your filter, your normal, clean, operating pressure will be recorded. Once your system’s pressure climbs to approximately 5psi above its clean reading, your system should then be backwashed. Backwashing helps relieve pressure by expelling some of the debris that the filter has trapped. This, in turn, will reduce the operating pressure of the filtration system. After the initial backwashing, it will need to be repeated approximately once a month, or when the pressure reads 5 psi above normal. This process can continue until backwashing is no longer able to reduce the tank pressure at which time a full filter cleaning will need to be done.

Cleaning schedules should be adjusted based on your pool environment and the condition of your equipment. Not cleaning your pool filter on a regular basis can lead to damage to your existing filter requiring replacement sooner than it would otherwise be necessary.

THEPool Group recommends the following schedule for filter cleaning in most situations:

  • Cartridges filters – every three months
  • DE filters – every four to six months

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We have received FANTASTIC service from Travis. We have used many other companies in the past for weekly cleaning that have not done a good job or been reliable. Travis is very reliable, honest and professional. He does a great job taking care of our pool. I would highly recommend this company!!! Travis goes above and beyond!!! Best pool service we have ever had!!!!

Melissa Vacek

Provided weekly pool services. Very helpful for the first time pool owner. Helped us understand the maintenance needs of the pool and how to operate. Easy to communicate with. And responds quickly. Additionally, they helped with some pool equipment upgrades and were very mindful of cost.

Houzz Review

Best pool service we have ever had. Our chemicals are always in balance, no more problems with summer algae bloom and the quick and caring response to our questions are very appreciated. Travis has provided first-rate service consistently.

Sharon W.

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