Landscape is one of the biggest focal points surrounding a pool. It can easily add depth, dimension, and style to a pool to give it a certain aesthetic. Pick the wrong plants though, and you’ll have a consistently dirty pool throughout the year with debris from the plants. THEPool Group prides itself on having a master gardener on staff that can assist in picking “pool-friendly” shrubs and plants that will help keep your pool debris free.

Plants to steer clear of:

  • Crepe Myrtles – while beautiful when flowered, the flowers and pods drop into the pool, leaving the surface covered in soggy petals that clog up skimmer baskets
  • Vitex – again beautiful, but the seed pods from the flowers float in the body of the pool water, making it near impossible to get your pool completely clean during service
  • Oak Trees – oak trees are prominent in our area, but the leaves and nuts that are dropped from oaks often times “trash” the pool. The pool will be filled with leaves during the fall into winter, and the nuts/acorns can actually stain plaster if left too long
  • Holly Trees – the seed pods dropped from holly bushes and trees can stain the plaster of your pool

The very best to plant around a pool are those of a drought tolerant nature that are low-flowering and not seed bearing, such as:

  • Mexican Feathergrass
  • Yucca
  • Agave
  • Succulents
  • Green Shrubbery and Grasses

THEPool Group can give your backyard a complete makeover. Check out our REMODEL AND RENOVATIONS page for more!

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We have received FANTASTIC service from Travis. We have used many other companies in the past for weekly cleaning that have not done a good job or been reliable. Travis is very reliable, honest and professional. He does a great job taking care of our pool. I would highly recommend this company!!! Travis goes above and beyond!!! Best pool service we have ever had!!!!

Melissa Vacek

Provided weekly pool services. Very helpful for the first time pool owner. Helped us understand the maintenance needs of the pool and how to operate. Easy to communicate with. And responds quickly. Additionally, they helped with some pool equipment upgrades and were very mindful of cost.

Houzz Review

Best pool service we have ever had. Our chemicals are always in balance, no more problems with summer algae bloom and the quick and caring response to our questions are very appreciated. Travis has provided first-rate service consistently.

Sharon W.

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